Thursday, 10 June 2010

PMQ'S “Its Time To Put On Make-Up”

Its Time to Meet the Muppets...

Is it just me, or does the HOC sometimes take on the appearance of a theatre? Prime Minister's Question Time often descends into farce with pantomime “Boo's” and jeers. MPs shouting “Hear Hear”, heckling and constantly bobbing up and down in their seats. Half expect them to do a Mexican Wave or call for an encore.

One day the penny dropped and my Muppet MPs were born... Inspired by our new “Coallition government”, still very much a work in progress.. here is a collage of my Muppet MPs to date, enjoy !

Introducing the Muppet MPs

Cast list:

  • Bert & Ernie played by Cameron & Clegg

  • Count Von Count is Chancellor George Osborne

  • Dr Teeth depicted by Frank Dobson

  • Janice the glamour chic played by Nadine Dorries

  • Pepe the King Prawn can only be Michael Gove

  • Sweet Prairie Dawn is Justine Greening

  • Beaker the idiot represented by Danny Alexander

  • Dr Bunsen Honeydew by Keith Vaz

  • Fat Blue is the one and only Eric Pickles

  • Cookie Monster played by Jessica Lee

  • Sam the Eagle IS Alistair Darling

  • Waldorf & Statler aka Tony Benn & George Galloway

  • Kermit the Frog performed by Speaker John Bercow

Muppet Mps, The Sequel;

  •  Swedish Chef  is Stephen Lloyd
  •  Rowlf the Piano played by David Heath
  •  Zoot the Sax player looks a lot like Simon Hughes
  •  Miss Piggy is the glorious Gloria de Piero
  •  Fozzie Bear is the laughing William Hague
  •  Newsreader played by David Willetts
  •  Crazy Harry stikingly similar to bizarre Michael Fabricant
  •  Lou (Jughuggers Band) is Jenny Willott
  •  Timmy Monster is Mike Hancock
  •  Floyd Pepper demonstrated by John Thurso
  •  Slim Wilson is John Pugh
  •  Captain Link Hog-Throb is the sexy Anthony Steen

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